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I’m generally entirely apathetic with regards to altering my home screens. Generally, I tend to stay with the stock launcher on whatever telephone I’m utilizing, and I don’t go over-the-top tweaking totally every setting on my home screen.

However with the cessation of the Google Now Launcher, I’ve been watchful for a substitution, since so couple of outsider launchers incorporate help for the Google Feed. (Furthermore, for those that do, hacky workarounds are required.)

lawnchair launcher app

Enter Lawnchair Launcher which began as a push to convey Google Feed support to the Google’s essential Launcher3 — the home screen application incorporated into open-source Android. In the wake of picking up energy on XDA, this inquisitive minimal side task has turned out to be shockingly cleaned, growing a pack of new highlights from the Pixel, Android O and past — and porting over many Google Pixel plan components simultaneously.

What’s more, in spite of the fact that Lawnchair, with its somewhat silly name, as of now exists as a test discharge, outside the Google Play Store, it’s well worth looking at. Designer Deletescape as of late posted form 818 — a huge refresh with numerous execution upgrades and new capacities.

At the core of Lawnchair is Launcher3 — the open-source base from which the Pixel Launcher is constructed. All alone it’s pretty barebones, giving you an essential home screen format and swipeable application plate. Lawnchair steadfastly reproduces the greater part of the highlights of the Pixel Launcher sans preparation, with the main significant special case being the climate gadget inverse the Google pill catch.

The Pixel includes that are incorporated can be effectively tweaked, or evacuated on the off chance that they’re not some tea. That incorporates the Google catch, adjusted symbols and even the Google Feed (otherwise known as Google Now) board over on the left.

Like any cutting edge launcher, you can perpetually tweak the way Lawnchair looks, if the standard data thickness and visual style isn’t to your preferring. Symbol packs are upheld, there’s a full “dim mode” to pare back the whites of the application drawer and menus — and obviously the size, shape and framework design of your home screens can be changed as well.

Lawnchair even uses warning access to show Android O-style notice identifications by your application symbols. What’s more, somewhere else, the designer has actualized O-style setting menus for hopping to particular zones of applications, including gadgets, or renaming alternate routes.

Other convenient signals are incorporated as well, some obtained from different launchers. OnePlus’ swipe-down alternate way for the warning shade is empowered as a matter of course, and there’s likewise a choice to flip the application drawer with a tap of the home key.


The greater part of this means a launcher with the smooth execution and clean feel of the Pixel launcher, with the additional customization you get from a considerable lot of the greater names in Android launchers — in addition to help for new launcher includes even on more established forms of the OS.

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