By seeing the looks dictator recruits the ladies for traffic police

Traffic labels that handle traffic on the roads in North Korea are recruited by seeing their views.

The society there is still traditional.

These girls have retired at the age of 26.

During this time they are not allowed to marry.

If a traffic lady gets married, then she is removed.

For the tourists and journalists coming here, they give direction to cars on the streets of Pyongyang, these are 300 traffic ladies favorite subjects.

Young girls handling traffic worn with blue uniforms and black heels on the intersections of North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, they show the picture of this country.

They are officially called Traffic Safety Officers but the world calls them Traffic Ladies.

North Korea’s administration takes care of these folks because they offer a different picture of North Korea, unlike the nuclear power-rich country.

It is tried that only young girls with beautiful and photogenic faces should be selected for this post because tourists and journalists who come here have a special look.

These girls have to live life according to the norms fixed during the job.

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