Tie Arundhati Roy with Army Jeep, not to stone pelter: Paresh Rawal

Should your talk be kept open and jammed with jeep?

People who believe in the democratic system will not answer it in ‘no’.

But the opinion of BJP MP and actor Paresh Rawal on this question is slightly different.

Paresh Rawal has made an insensitive tweet while advancing the Kashmiri youth by twisting with Army Jeep.

Paresh Rawal wrote, “Arundhati Roy should be tied instead of stone pelter with Army Jeep.”

Where did the matter started?

Arundhati Roy is a writer and social worker who often speaks in favor of the Kashmiris.

According to some media reports, recently Arundhati Roy had said, “Even if India deploys 7 to 70 lakh soldiers in Kashmir, still can not achieve its goal in Kashmir.”

This Rawal’s tweet is being criticized on social media.

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