Sonu Nigam quit Twitter in support of Abhijit

A few days back, Bollywood’s famous singer Sonu Nigam, who has been in the limelight after opposing Ajaan from the loudspeaker, has now said goodbye to Twitter in support of singer Abhijit.

Actually, Twitter had suspended singer Abhijit’s Twitter account on Tuesday.

Abhijit had made objectionable comments on JNU student leader Shahlah Rashid.

Angry Sonu wrote a 24 tweet posting, “I am going to leave Twitter. About 70 lakh followers of me will also be disappointed and angry with me. But some people will be happy too. ‘

He wrote in a tweet, “I am leaving Twitter while challenging one-sided pretenders. All the logical, patriots and humanists should do this. ‘

Sonu said that nobody can disagree with Abhijit’s language.

But Shehla’s allegation that BJP has sex racket, what kind of language is it? It is enough to provoke supporters.

Sonu said in another tweet, “You can wake up one who is sleeping. But who is pretending to sleep, he can not wake up. ‘

In another tweet, he said, “I do not have a relation from the place where some intelligent intellectual people turn their eyes on the fatwa against me.”

It is worth mentioning that Abhijeet had made objectionable remarks on JNU student leader Shehla Rashid.

Earlier this singer had made an objectionable tweet to the famous writer Arundhati Roy.

Abhijeet had written while replying to Paresh’s tweet that Arundhati should be shot.

On Tuesday, Shehla responded to Rashid’s comments on the allegations of RJD leaders running sex rackets, he made objectionable tweets about Shehla’s character.

Sonu also said that there is no distraction towards his Twitter profile.

It’s been a game changer. It could become a big platform. But at the moment, it is as if the porn is being shown in the theater. ‘

He said, ‘I am not right wing or left wing. I respect everyone’s ideas. But here I feel like you are from another place. ‘

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