Are you often confused between Wifi and Hotspot? this will help you

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi, is a technology, which stands for Wireless Fidelity, is used for Local Area Networks (wireless network). Today laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras and even televisions consist of Wi-Fi modules making it a widely used technology for home networking. Also, all mainstream operating systems including windows, Linux, OS X, iOS and Android have built-in support for Wi-Fi making it very easy to interconnect using Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi uses electromagnetic waves as the medium where the frequency band used is 2.4 GHz.

IEEE defines a protocol called 802.11 that provides how the exact communication takes place. Several versions as 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.

What is Hotspot?

A hotspot is a ‘place or a small area’ that provides internet access to devices using Wi-Fi. A hotspot is created via a device; like your smartphones; known as an Access point. Wi-Fi hotspots are found in public places as well as private places. Today, many public places in the world such as airports, stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, libraries, public payphones, train stations, schools and universities have hotspots.

What is the difference between Wi-Fi and Hotspot?

• Wi-Fi is a wireless communication technology used for Local Area Networks. It is used for interconnecting devices to do inter communication. A hotspot is a place that provides internet to wireless devices using Wi-Fi.

• A hotspot is created using a device known as an access point . The access point is connected to a router that acts as a gateway to the internet. Wi-Fi is used between the access point and the wireless device for interconnection.

• Wi-Fi uses electromagnetic waves under radio frequency band 2.4GHz to do communication. A hotspot uses this Wi-Fi technology to interconnect devices to a single point called an access point to share internet.

• A hotspot is created by using Wi-Fi but not the other way round. Without Wi-Fi, there will be no hotspots.

• Hotspot is a place that provides internet access for wireless devices. Wi-Fi technology, on the other hand , involves protocols, specifications, hardware and drivers.

In Simple Words

Wifi is the wireless technology which uses IEEE protocol whereas Hotspot is a small area or place not a technology which provides wifi facility using an access point which can be your smartphone device. If there is no Wifi technology, there will be no hotspot.

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