Now you can order food from Facebook… check out the new feature

To order food on Facebook, a new feature is being released, called ‘Order Food’.

The purpose of the social networking website Facebook is to make the user use more and not to use different apps for other things.

Facebook has given the new option ‘Order Food’ on the web and mobile platforms to order online food.

This ‘order food’ feature is currently available for a select user and it has been made available for the American user first.

This new feature of Facebook has been made possible in America due to the partnership with the company’s

This partnership was announced in October last year.

According to TechCrunch’s report, this option is visible in the Facebook sidebar or the main menu of the app.

By clicking on it, the list of all restaurants supporting the Order Food option will show.

These restaurants will be shown with photographs, ratings, cuisine and prices.

The feature has a start order button on the bottom, which will redirect you to the selected restaurant page.

After this you will be given restaurant information that the restaurant is open for delivery or pickup.

After this you can enter delivery address or switch to pickup.

After this, by going to the menu, you can choose the option you want to order.

Then you can confirm the order after delivery fee, final payment, checking your cart, after choosing method of payment.

Order food feature is very easy and once it starts using it it can be understood by itself.

Once the order is confirmed, the average time spent in delivery is given.

But, we could not test this feature right now because the new ‘Order Food’ feature is available only for select users in the US.

Facebook has no plans to release this feature in other countries.

Due to the big databases of food order service and slices like, Facebook’s big database will definitely benefit from this new feature.

Facebook has confirmed this new feature from TechCrunch.

Look at the user’s point of view, so now they will not need to open any other app to order food.


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