Jio like offer, Bhar-pet Panipuri in 100 rupees

When Reliance Jio introduced an unlimited 4G plan, it proved to be a game changer for the mobile market.

It seems that not only the telecom sector companies but also many other traders have learned this from the Unlimited Plan.

Influenced by Jio, a Chattwale of Gujarat has also introduced Unlimited Plan.

The dealer has done this for the purpose of earning  and it is also proving to be effective.

According to the reports, Ravi Jagadamba, a Panipuri-seller of Porbandar, offered a full Panipuri plan on the lines of Mukesh Ambani’s Jio Plan.

Ravi presented two planes of Rs. 100 and 1000 rupees.

In the 100 rupees plan, customers will be able to fill the stomach for one day while the customer can take advantage of this scheme for a month through 1000 rupees.

The interesting thing is that the new plan is increasing Ravi’s business.

Ravi Jagadamba, from the English newspaper The Times of India, said that this idea is working best for him.

The number of its customers is increasing.

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