This is how facebook is using your Whatsapp data

In August last year, Whatsapp surprised everyone by announcing to share their users’ phone number with Facebook.

In 2014, Facebook bought Whatsapp. After this, it is for the first time that Whatsapp has changed its privacy policy.

This clearly meant that the ads would increase and the privacy would decrease.

Consultation on technical matters Pamela Clark Dickson of Ovum said  that many users of the WhatsApp as were feeling cheated.

On this Thursday, the European Commission has imposed a fine of $ 12 million on the issue of false information while purchasing Whatsapp by Facebook.

This is the first time that the European Commission has taken action against any company due to “lying” during the merger.

‘European Commissioner for Competetion’ Margarette Westier said that the penalty is correct and will give the correct message too.

Facebook had promised that they will not add whatsapp accounts to facebook, but they were not firm on it.

However Facebook spokesman has said that the company worked with good sense and tried to give the right information every time.

Why facebook wants your number?

One answer may be that Facebook can advise you to make friends with whom you are connected to the phone but not through the social network.

All of them see that the ads appearing on Facebook are personalized according to every user.

When you search on Google, Facebook will start showing you ads related to that.

And brands take advantage of this. They send advertisements for users divided into categories according to different ages, interests, cities and many other information.

But for this, the information that Facebook has received from Whatsapp can also be used.

According to news agency Reuters, the new system of sending select advertising through Whatsapp is also underway.

According to a research, companies can send advertisements directly while targeting the potential consumers through Whatsapp.

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