All you need to know about split-screen feature of Android Nougat

We already know that android nougat has officially made its way to the fair of android market. Although it has come with some nice bundled features but here we are going to talk about the niftiest feature which is making its way to the user’s eyes. Yes! The feature of multitasking where you can easily toggle between two applications or switch between two tabs of different applications with just moving your fingers. Albeit, android phones have experienced that feature with the help of third party application or with the booting process but they were not capable of using both the windows simultaneously and this thing didn’t satiate users need.Read here how you can split-screen in Android N.

When using any app, or even on the home screen, tap the app-switcher icon (that’s the square one on the bottom right of the screen in most phones). This launches the familiar card-based multitasking window.

To move any other app at the top of the screen just drag the app and choose the second app which you want to show at the other half of your mobile screen from previously used applications.


There would be a time when you will get a pop-up notification but don’t worry that will only happen when some of your apps don’t support the split screen view mode.

So after Marshmallow to curb the users craving this feature has started making its sugary way.Just look at the picture how it is easily doing multitasking.Like if you want to send an email and want to check out the gallery at the same time or some users can also use this for seeing their “before and after edited” pictures. 😛 This thing is really ramping up your productivity.


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