Kyu manaya jata hai April Fool Day

Perhaps on April 1st you might be thinking of fooling someone in friends or family. This is because the day of April fool is today. On this day we all make fun of each other.

In the UK it is being celebrated since the 19th century. In the University of Bristol, historian Andrea Livesey told about the history of April Fool. In April Fool’s Day, children are fooled much more.

Aakhir kyon manaaya jata hai April Fool Day?

Andrea said that everyone does not agree with where the celebration came from.

He said, “There is no concrete information about where the beginning of April Fool’s Day began surprisingly. A large number of people have differences on this. There are many things to say about its origin.” In such a way, we take a look at these things.

First Theory

Many people believe that English poet Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century had a story.

In it, pranks a fox with a poultry. In the case of mischief on April 1, it is considered as the first reference.

Although the poet did not mention directly on April 1. It is 32 days in poetry. Mention from March to early April

Second Theory

Many people believe that this tradition started due to the sentences in the calendar.

Here festivals of the Roman period are remembered. It started with the new year’s celebration.

Spring is in March, so people think that the tradition of mischief started this time. After the arrival of spring and flowering, the preparation of the new year started.

Third Theory

This is because there are quite a lot of fish in the French rivers around April 1.

Fish was seen to be seen as a flower day. That is why one April became popular.

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