This e-waste machine will work as an ATM, you will get money in return for putting plastic waste

NDMC has introduced a new way to get rid of Delhi’s plastic waste.

People will get the facility to throw e-garbage soon to make the city clean.

The special feature of this facility is that people will get money on throwing plastic garbage in it.

The country’s first e-trash wedding machine has been installed in two places in the national capital of Delhi, 8th block of Connaught Place and one machine at India gate.

In this machine, only plastic waste can be put. After garbage, people will get money.

This Smart Bin remains in the discussion due to its special feature.

In collaboration with the Government of India and the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), a start-up company has taken this project on the lines of New York.

However, these machines are not yet operational kyoki inme software install karna baki hai.

It will take just a week to install the software. Only then will these machines be used.

Also, how much amount will be given for putting each plastic bag in a smart bin is not even determined.

e-waste machine

It is believed that all these works will be completed soon, after which similar machines will be installed in the remaining areas of Delhi.

With this machine being installed, Delhi will be able to throw e-waste easily.

Along with this the city will also be clean. In addition, money will be provided for e-waste in the machine.

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