How to allow/disallow Distracting Popups in Ucbrowser

Hello friends, today we will tell you how you can Allow / Disallow Popups in UC Browser.

By the way you have seen this thing while running the Internet, whenever you open a website, another website opens with it.

In which popups you have seen, as soon as you open this website, new window opens with that which shows something like an advertisement or a social website etc.

If you click into it, then it will send us to another website, and sometimes it happens that as soon as you open any website, so many popup windows open so that it is very time consuming.

Lekin kisi-kisi website mein popup mein bahut achchhi cheeje bhi hoti hai jo hamare kaam ki hoti hai.

If you wish, you can allow and disallow any website’s popup so that you will not see any popup next time you click.

You can download UC Browser from here.

What is Popup ?


A Popup Blocker defines any software or application that disables any Popup, Popover or Popin ad window that you want to see when using a Web browser.

# pop up blocker in uc browser

Some popup blockers may try to close all the popup windows, remove all the ads from some publisher’s website, and still others can help you choose the popup window that closes with the Block List feature.

Steps to allow Popup in UC Browser


1. First you have to open UCbrowser and it will show three lines in which you will have to go to Settings by clicking.


2. The next window opens, which you will have to click in Adblock.


3. Once you open Adblock’s window, you have to uncheck it in the block pop-up.

Steps to Disallow Popup in UC Browser


The procedure is similar to that, just after you open the Adblock window in Step 3, you have to check in Block pop-up. This way you can disallow popup in UC Browser.

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