Here’s What No One Tells You About Android O

The next version of the operating system Android is ready. Google has released the first preview of this version.

This version is named Android O.

इस बार गूगल ने इसे अपने डेवलपर्स के लिए हर साल होने वाली I/O कॉन्फ्रेंस से कुछ समय पहले ही जारी कर दिया है.

This OS is still going on, but it is known how much better it is than the existing Android Nougat.

Here’s What No One Tells You About Android O

First of all, the feature of Automated Limits has been brought to apps for increasing the battery backup and performance of the phone.

Google has banned the running applications in the background.

Apart from this, these limitations have been set for broadcasts, background services and location updates.

Another feature of Android O is the Granular Notification Customization.

This feature facilitates the management of different types of notifications.

Through this, users will be able to block and set different settings for notifications of every category.

Apart from this, PiP mode i.e. that picture in picture mode is given.

Through this mode, users will also be able to browse the content in a small box on the screen while watching videos or video calls.

Not only this, it will allow smartphones to connect to Wi-Fi from nearby devices. There will also be no need of internet in it.

The autofilling app will also be given in this OS, which will be useful for filing an ID and password etc. for logging on to any of your accounts.

This will save your data securely.

Learn how Google’s new operating system ‘Android O’

Google will soon launch its new operating system Android O.

At the moment Google has released its Developer Preview.

So let’s know how to be feature-wise in the upcoming version.

  • Is equipped with notification channel.
  • Audio quality is also strong
  • Picture In Picture
  • Third Party Calling Support
  • Aware Wi-Fi

Custom Ringtones on Android O

Android O

With all its customization benefits, Android has brought the best user-friendly settings options for its users.

If you talk about custom ringtones, then the AOSP version device that runs on Android first had to connect you to the computer and dragging and dropping the songs and files and then to save it to be used for later or phone The file manager had to move the downloaded files to a certain location.

With the help of Google’s Android O, you can customize your Ringtones, Alarms, and Notification settings with the files downloaded through the web, email or cloud storage device from your phone.

This new option, which is one of the options taken by people on Android Police, shows the list of available jingles at the bottom, which connects you to similar devices storage on Samsung, LG and other phones.

Android O was announced this week and has more powerful and customizable options than earlier Android versions.

Of course, this is not one of the best features of Android O, but it’s definitely a step forward in the utility department.

Top 10 features of Google’s Android O

Better battery life

The previous few Android updates have seen a great deal of elements, for example, Doze mode and Doze on the go went for enhancing battery life. With Android O, Google is further clasping down on sporadic applications eating the battery out of sight.

Android 7.0 Nougat gave the OS the capacity to limit an application’s experience exercises while the phone is in a condition of suspended animation. With Android O, Google is presenting extra programmed confines on what applications can do (or can’t do) out of sight.

Android O places particular breaking points on verifiable communicates (signals sent by an application for different applications or exercises to follow up on), area updates and foundation administrations. All these happen naturally out of sight, without clients managing anything all alone.

This will avert errant applications which you haven’t utilized as a part of quite a while from sapping your battery life while actualizing background processes.

Streamlined notification

While Android 7.0 Nougat presented another smooth interface for notifications alongside a few new features, notifications over-burden has been a consistent wellspring of disturbance for Android clients.

Android O means to explain this with its new ‘notifications channels’ component, which lets application designers gather notifications together by sort. This permits clients to have a granular control on each channel.

Notifications can be fragmented into different distinctive channels like games news, instant messages, music applications etc and clients can control each channel independently. The Notifications shade will likewise assemble Notifications by channel, making it significantly less demanding to look through pertinent Notifications. Clients can likewise piece or nap an entire divert in one go in the event that they wish.

Dave Burke, VP of Engineering at Google said “Channels let designers give clients fine-grained control over various types of Notifications – clients can piece or change the conduct of each channel exclusively, instead of dealing with the greater part of the application’s Notifications together.”


While AutoFill in Android exists in specific applications like Messages and Chrome, the component is application particular and is not a piece of the entire OS.

With Android O, Google is including stage bolster for AutoFill. When clients select which AutoFill application they need to utilize, it will have the capacity to fill passwords and different points of interest over the entire operating system.

Picture in picture

Google is additionally presenting picture-in-picture bolster (PIP) with Android O. With PIP, clients will have the capacity to minimise whatever video they are watching and watch it while utilizing another application.

Designers can determine which angle proportion they need for their application and can even set custom connections on the PIP window. This component is now accessible on gadgets running Android TV.

Audio improvements

With Android O, Google is presenting a few new components went for audiophiles. Android O carries with it bolster for superb sound codecs, for example, LDAC.

Furthermore, Google is likewise presenting AAudio – another local API for applications requiring support for superior, low-idleness sound.

Adaptive Icons

With the Google Pixel, Google presented the Pixel launcher which carried with it another stoop dialect revolved around round symbols.

Recognizing the way that practically every real Android OEM has their own particular plan dialect, Google is presenting something many refer to as ‘Versatile Icons’ in Android O. This element will permit symbols to effectively adjust to whatever condition (read skin) they are in, be it Samsung’s TouchWiz or OnePlus’ Oxygen OS.

Versatile symbols will be bolstered in the launcher, gadget settings, the application diagram screen and easy routes.

Google said in an announcement – “You can now make versatile symbols that the framework shows in various shapes, in light of a veil chose by the gadget.”

Keyboard Navigation

With Chromebooks now supporting Android applications, Google has presented another model for keyboard navigation in Android O.

In particular, Android O carries with it a superior approach to explore around Android utilizing the bolt and tab scratches on the keyboard.

Wide-gamut color displays

With Android O, designers can fabricate applications for gadgets that bolster wide-gamut color displays.

Designers essentially need to empower a setting which lets the system realize that the application is wide-gamut color mindful and after that implant a profile for the same. Cases of upheld profiles are AdobeRGB, DCI-P3 and Pro Photo RGB.

Support for third-party calling apps

Android O supports third-party calling applications locally. Google has presented another element called ‘Telecom structure’, which takes into account outsider calling applications to work with each other and with bearers.

App optimisations and WebView enhancements

In Android 7.0 Nougat, Google presented a discretionary multi-prepare mode for WebView that moved the treatment of web substance into a disengaged procedure. In Android O, the organization is empowering the multi-prepare mode of course and is additionally presenting another API that let designers handle their own blunders and crashes in WebView.

Android O additionally carries with it improvements for new runtimes for better dependability and execution in applications outlined particularly for Android O.

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